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So it’s Halloween time again and you’re probably wondering what you can do to Add that
Extra Twist / Excitement / Experience to your Halloween Party.

A suggestion of a Ouija Board / Spirit Board, will usually raise an eyebrow or two and there is a great deal of Excitement
about the boards, Even though they have Existed for Hundreds of years.

So what is a Ouija Board  / Spirit Board

Quite simply Ouija Boards / Spirit Boards consist of two components:  a board upon which the alphabet, numbers zero through nine, “yes,” “no” and “goodbye” are printed; and a pointing device, usually called a planchette.

In many films, Ouija Board / Spirit Boards are connected with the Spirit world and tend to communicate spirits with the user.
Whether or not this is true, this has been studied many times by various universities and paranormal activity investigators,
with a wide Variety of Results & Stories over the years.

As the popularity of Spiritual Communications has increased over the years,

People have often looked for ways of understanding the Spirits & the Spirit World.

First came `Table Tipping’, where a Spirit would cause a table, which was balanced on a leg and held by participants,
to `Tap against the floor’, to confirm a Spiritual Presence.

Other methods included a practice known as `Automatic Writing’ where a pencil was guided by a planchette penholder, to write the spirit’s message (a planchette, literally deriving from the French word for plank or board).


How a Ouija Board / Spirit Board Works

It should be understood that manufacturing portals to the Spirit World, would be hard to manufacture.

However lets focus on  “How” they could Actually Work and not the Hollywood hype.

Imagine all things in the world are connected by an invisible power, some form of energy that allows everyone and everything to be connected as one,  `Spiritual Energy’.

Some say `Spiritual Energy’ is similar to `Electricity’, i.e. it is invisible to the Human Eye, but when you are Touched / Experience the Spiritual energy, you can certainly feel it.

As a Large majority of the population believe in Spirits and their Presence around us, many people feel that there  is a connection to the Spiritual World  / Afterlife, hence it’s not hard to understand that the Spirit board is simply a way of bridging that distance.

Many People believe that the Ouija Board is a Communication tool for permitting the Transfer of
`Spiritual Energy’ into the Physical World, via the `Planchette / Pointer’.

So how does how the Ouija Board’s planchette move ?  The general idea is that The Spirit controls the planchette through the participant or The Spirit’s energy combines with the participant’s energy and influences the participant to move the planchette.

Most sessions with the Ouija Board are used to contact the Spiritual Realm o/ the Spiritual Energy Around us.

Essentially they can sometimes provide connection for people to contact their loved ones who have passed over.

Some Halloween facts. . .

  1. Halloween is also known by various other different names:
    • Samhain
    • All Hallows Eve
    • All Saints Eve
  2. Wearing masks on Hallowenen is a Celtic Tradition, where masks were worn to protect
    the identity of the living, when spirits came back to visit the Earth.
  3. Over 90% of `Pumpkins Sold’ are used to make `Jack O’ Lanterns’,
    these date back to Early Pagan times, and were used to scare away evil spirits at Samhain.
  4. If you see a spider at Halloween, it is said to be a `Loved One’ watching over you.


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Thanks for visiting us & Happy Halloween!

Ouija Board Spirit Board Halloween Cat

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